Julien Collet

I'm an Entrepreneur and a Startup Lover

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About me

I come from Reunion Island and I studied in Paris at EFREI. I have a certificate in Software Engineer and a strong passion for startup. After my studies, I learnt much more about the world of startup in two years. Today, I love creating new projects, testing new ideas and collaborating with new people.

My Skills

PHP / Rails

I started improving my skills in PHP four years ago. When I launched my first startup, I wanted to complete my technical skills with Ruby On Rails.

HTML / CSS / JavaScript

UI and UX Design is very important for me. The visual aspect is the first thing that users see and the interactions comes in a second place. That's why I improved my skills in HTML / CSS and JavaScript. I think today people don't buy a product anymore but an experience.

Lean Startup

I discovered Lean Startup two years ago. I experimented and learnt the methods in my first startup. Now, I know the importance of failure and I focus my energy on value-creating activities.


« All things you can measure progress ». A startup need to test, need to measure to learn and need to know growth. When we build a product, we have to be obsessed with th traction too. Because the first reason startups fail is people don't care about your product.

Work with passion to inspire action

My Work

« AERP », Association for Reunion Students in Paris

« Le Réseau Albius », Network for Reunion Students who want to come in France

My first startup experience : Fing Offers

Writer on a blog : 1startup

1stdev.fr : Collaborate with passion

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